Franco Ferrari, a small artisan jewel for women’s accessories in silk and fine materials, was founded in 1973 as a small but solid niche company, known for the tailoring of scarves, stoles and shawls.

In 2002 the brand was acquired by Achille Pinto, a historic textile company in Como: the acquisition brought a solid know-how of tailoring and craftsmanship techniques, which bring the product closer to the haute couture sector. Starting with raw fabric at the finishing point, each step testifies to technical skills and attention to detail guided by a great passion for a handmade product rigorously Made in Italy.

Franco Ferrari manufactures scarves, stoles and shawls with quality raw materials, processed with care and attention to the smallest details, to propose on the market an accessory that can fully meet the needs of the most demanding buyer. The passion and skill possessed by the craftsmen are expressed in the finished product, which is original and of fine workmanship.